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Plagiarism Checker Free for Multiple Languages

Our professionals have developed this free plagiarism checker as a universal utility. Therefore, people from all around the world can use this plagiarism detector free and avoid sacrificing the integrity of their work. You can check plagiarism in different languages, including:

How to Check Plagiarism Online?

Following the set of instructions shared below will enable you to check for plagiarism online.


Copy and paste text or upload the file directly into the given box.

Click to Check Plagiarism

Hit the "Check Plagiarism" button to start the process.


Get a detailed duplication report. Save it by pressing the Download button.


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Manual Plagiarism Detection VS AI Plagiarism Detector

There are multiple drawbacks to manual plagiarism detection. Detecting plagiarism manually is a challenging and tough task requiring an individual's comprehensive effort. Exploring a large number of platforms and comparing the text with the content of others is not easy. The chances of getting the required output after making all the efforts are still minimal.

On the other hand, using our online plagiarism checker makes duplication-finding easy and fast. It uses a combination of traditional plagiarism detection methods and artificial intelligence. As a result, our plagiarism detector provides more accurate and efficient results. Enter the textual information, and you will get a perfect plagiarism check report in seconds.

AI Plagiarism Checker: How It Detects?

AI plagiarism checker is the most intelligent and accurate tool. It scans your submitted content and checks the relevance of your content across the Internet globally. The content you submit is analyzed based on many factors by our advanced plagiarism detector, some of which are described below:

Lexical Frequencies

Our plagiarism check tool evaluates the given text by determining the frequency of words and sentences. This makes it easier to spot odd patterns that could be signs of plagiarism.

Word Choice

Examine the word choice used to structure a sentence and compare it to other sources to identify sources of information that have been copied in whole or in part.

Matching Phrases

Lastly, our plagiarism detector compares input sentences across billions of web pages in its database. This helps our tool to check for plagiarism effectively.

How We Detect Plagiarism Better than Others?

Our plagiarism detector provides multiple features. The following are some of the things that make our plagiarism checker unique from other similar ones.

AI-Based Technologies

With the help of AI-based technology, our AI plagiarism checker provides exceptional detection accuracy and efficiency.

Accurate Plagiarism Results

With a large database and super AI, our online plagiarism checker guarantees the accurate identification of unoriginal content with a percentage.

Reports Sharing

This plagiarism detector compiles the results of the plagiarism check test into a report that can be easily shared with collaborators, colleagues, and educators.

Compatible with Multiple Formats

Our free plagiarism checker allows users to upload complete text files in multiple formats, such as .doc, .docx, pdf, and txt.

Detect Plagiarism in Multiple Languages

The plagiarism checker works in all commonly used languages and provides comprehensive scans for individuals across the world.

Multiple Plagiarism Checking Options

Our program allows users to perform a plagiarism check based on their needs. Users can copy-paste their content or upload a file directly from their device, Drive or Dropbox.

Provides Security & Privacy

This AI plagiarism detector puts its users' privacy first by ensuring that uploaded files are never stored on its servers or shared anywhere else.

Results in Percentage with Sources

After finishing the plagiarism test, you will get an accurate percentage of plagiarism and the uniqueness of your text.

Consequences of Plagiarism Across Different Fields

Plagiarism has become more common due to instant access to an abundance of information. The consequences of plagiarism can be academic, journalism, corporate environments, and others. Here are the most popular instances:

Consequences in Academic

Plagiarism in academic contexts often results in serious penalties, such as expulsion from the institution, loss of credibility, and legal action (in some situations). So you should spot duplication to maintain academic integrity at any cost.

Plagiarism in Journalism and Media

Committing plagiarism in the media and journalism domains generally damages reputations, undermines public trust, and results in job losses.

Plagiarism in Corporate Environments

Plagiarism in the corporate environment often results in monetary losses, legal problems, and damaged company or brand reputations.

Educating Students to Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism has significant effects in a variety of professions. However, the academic repercussions are among the most prominent consequences of this issue. Therefore, educational institutions and professors should educate students on the many ways to avoid plagiarism. Here are some of the most used plagiarism preventing strategies:

  • Understand the difference between taking inspiration and copying someone else’s work.
  • Learn when to use paraphrasing and double quotes.
  • Remember to give the due credit for any borrowed information.
  • Use a trusted free plagiarism checker, like the one available here, to ensure the complete original status of your text.
  • Run an AI Content detector test before finalizing your content.

Dilemma of Free Vs. Paid Services

This plagiarism software offers both free and paid services to cater to the needs of users. It’s often believed that free services aren’t as good as paid ones. This might be true for other plagiarism software, but not with our tool. The free users can check plagiarism online of specific words with limited queries, but the premium users get some advanced features, which include the following:

Increased word limit: (Premium users can check up to 30,000 words per search).

Comparison feature: (Compare the two files or URLs to scan for plagiarism).

Work as a Team: (Our plagiarism detector enables users to collaborate within a single account).

Add citations: (Cite sources in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles by using a citation generator).

The following table will guide you about the word limit to check plagiarism. You are free to use any premium plan as per your need.

PlansWords per Search

1. Basic plan1,000 words

2. Business Plan1,500 words

3. Enterprise plan2,000 words

4. Corporate plan10,000 words

5. Exclusive plan30,000 words

Choose the plan that's right for you

Compare Features and Pricing

Additional Services Related to AI Plagiarism Checker

Apart from allowing you to check for plagiarism, you can also get your hands on the following free tools to improve content quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The plagiarism detector offered by, completely free and accurate tool to check plagiarism. Just Paste your content to detect duplicate content.
The acceptable plagiarism ratio varies from institution to institution. Most educational institutes instruct their students to keep plagiarism below 20% in their writing to avoid penalties.
No! The plagiarism checker does not steal, copy, or share the information uploaded for plagiarism detection.
Advanced algorithms working on the backend of our AI plagiarism detector dig deep into the web. The results you get with this plagiarism scanner are completely accurate, guaranteed, and can be shared with anyone or on any platform.
We don’t store the content of the uploaded files on our servers. Therefore, your content is completely secure here.
Plagiarism above 20% in a text is considered harmful and can lead an individual to face serious penalties, including failure in a subject, expulsion from college, destruction of reputation, etc.
Our plagiarism checker allows users to check plagiarism free in English, Arabic, Deutsche, Español, Italiano, Portuguese, Filipino, Malay, and many other languages.
Intentional plagiarism occurs when individuals know they are duplicating others' ideas, phrases, or text. On the other hand, if the writer fails to cite the source appropriately or unintentionally rephrases the text of another source without giving credit, it's known as accidental plagiarism.
If you want to get a premium membership to this AI plagiarism checker, you will have to tap on the ‘Pricing’ option. By getting the premium membership, you can detect 30K words without facing any restrictions.

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