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How We Check Plagiarism Online?

Query Text

The user enters the text as a query, and we use our smart algorithms for in-depth content analysis against billions of data available on the web including books, magazines, academic papers and journals, articles, newspapers, and more.

Source Text

As soon as our smart tool analyzes any text that exactly matches the query text, it will highlight that piece of text, or entire text in some cases and gives the source link. Click the link to examine the source of duplication.

  • Advanced Algorithms
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Advanced Plagiarism Checker

Worried about the originality of your text? Let us help you!

We present to you the solution to check plagiarism in your textual content online with the help of our best plagiarism checker. Use and get a complete guide to clear your doubts. We have built this web application using advanced technology and considering the needs of our users to give them the most accurate result with percentage.

Now easily check plagiarism online for any piece of content and get the most flawless results beautifully organized for you.

Deep Search

With deep search, we make sure you get an in-depth similarity check. Our algorithms dive deep into the world of the internet and search against a vast library of sources to fetch you the most accurate and thorough results.


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What Is Plagiarism? And its Consequences!

In simple words, to take a piece of someone’s ideas and present it to be yours, is plagiarism. Firstly, it is illegal. Secondly, it results in duplicate content and duplicate content can hurt your SEO badly. Thirdly, it kills your reputation faster than bad products to kill customer loyalty. These are the reasons for plagiarism detection from your content before clicking ‘publish’ or before sending it off to the relevant authority.

  • If you run a website, blog, or online business and publish plagiarized content (whether knowingly or otherwise), you'd be kidding with your customers’ trust and overall user experience. This can over time translate into poor sales, reduced revenue, or even closure. Our website plagiarism checker can help detect plagiarized content.
  • If you're a student and end up submitting plagiarized essays to your teacher, you may find that you lose serious scores, save your scores by using an essay checker.

Why Originality & Uniqueness of Content Matters?

Content is the most crucial element of a website as it decides whether it will help a website earn a high position in search engines and attract visitors or not. Attracting customers and search engines isn’t a piece of cake as your site’s content needs to be of high-quality. One of the essential traits of high-quality content is originality, and it will determine its rank on search engine result pages.

If your content is plagiarized with already available information on the web, then your site will get hurt, and its position on search results will drastically fall sooner or later. On the other hand, the uniqueness of content will give people a reason to choose your site over others in this competitive environment. If you’re facing such problems and want to get rid of this nuisance, then using our plagiarism checker is an easy way out.

Why prioritize Our Advanced Plagiarism Checker?

Some people caught plagiarizing in academic or print media claim that they plagiarized unintentionally. If you want to avoid similarity then you do a similarity check with this advanced plagiarism checker. We guarantee you with precise and reliable results! This plagiarism scanner can help you to scan similar content across the web by analyzing your content to the last detail, line by line.

While this free plagiarism detector has been built to help you check for any type of text file, it is a complete content analysis utility terrifically developed to give you all the possible details and data about any piece of text you check into it.

The Dilemma of Free Vs. Paid Services

Plagiarism checker is providing free of cost services as well as paid. People often get confused between choosing a free or paid service and think of free as poor-quality and paid as a premium one. Of course, there’s some difference in paid and free services, but it doesn’t relate to the quality of service offered by our plagiarism checker.

However, the free users are allowed to check the plagiarism of specific words with unlimited queries but the premium user’s word limit and search queries depending on the plan they choose to opt for. Premium users can get extra features of comparing two text files and two URLs of the websites.

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