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AI detector identify whether the text is written by humans or generated with AI with exceptional accuracy.

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AI Detector by Plagiarismchecker.Co

The massive use of AI content generators has caused severe problems in various professions. If you are one of those individuals who is facing such problems, AI detector comes to rescue you. The best part is that this web-based AI detection tool is entirely free to use. Also, there are no usage limitations. You have an opportunity to check unlimited pieces of text through it.

You can effortlessly identify text that is not authored by humans by simply copying and pasting the content into this AI writing detector. The advanced AI checker is here to help you detect AI content created by ChatGPT, Jasper, and Gemini with precise scores of AI written and human written content. Our AI content detection utility can detect AI written content across multiple languages.

Working Model of AI Content Detector

This AI detector is based on highly advanced algorithms that make your content go through different phases to ensure that it's written by AI or humans. These phases include:

Data Collection

The process of AI detection starts with data collection. In this phase, the AI content detector digs deep and analyzes the uploaded content using the directory's knowledge being used by different GPT models to detect AI content.

Feature Extraction

Once the data is collected, the next phase is feature extraction. In this phase, the AI checker analyzes every aspect of content, like sentence structure and overall layout of content, to make sure each phrase faces its sharp detection.

Content Classification

After extracting content features, the AI detector free classifies them into multiple sets of languages. This enables the AI writing checker to uncover the pieces of text created by AI content generators like AI-based chatbots.

Actionable Insights

Lastly, the AI detector uses actionable insights to determine whether the entered text is generated through AI or written by humans. The AI text checker usually shares these results in percentages to help users understand the portion of text generated through the AI tool.

Why Choose Our AI Detector?

The internet offers you a plethora of AI writing detectors, but the majority of them usually include some limitations that cause challenges for users. But that's not the case with our tool, as it doesn't offer any restrictions and allows you to perform AI and ChatGPT checks in countless text files. The other key features are shared below:


All AI Model Coverage

The AI detector is a highly advanced utility that can detect chatgpt text, including ChatGPT-3 and ChatGPT-4, to help unveil the reality. As people have different mediums to generate AI content, we strive hard to provide you with an AI content detector that can easily identify content generated from any kind of AI writing checker.


Detailed Analysis

The AI detection procedure from content initiates the moment you enter the content on our AI text detector. The tool deeply analyzes your entered textual content and uses natural language processing (NLP) techniques to examine uploaded data that further serve in AI content detection.


Multilingual Detection

Besides English, the advanced AI checker provides you with an easy to detect AI-generated content in multiple languages. This will save you from trying various applications for AI detection. Instead, you can simply land on this AI writing checker, paste text in any supported language, and find out if it's generated from AI or not.


Speedy and Accurate

The AI content detector is capable of providing you with quick and reliable output. Compared to many other AI writing detectors, you can get instant and accurate AI detection results. The backend algorithms work on your input, giving you the quickest and 100% authentic results.


Improving with Technology

AI technology is progressing with each passing day, and many advanced AI tools have developed in a short span. This massive innovation in AI content creation tools makes it inevitable to develop reliable tools that can detect AI-generated text. At, we strive hard to update our AI detector to make it capable of detecting content generated from any highly advanced AI tools like GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, etc.

Who Should Use The AI Checker?

The AI content detector offered by our platform is equally useful for people from various fields of life. Whether you are a blogger, marketer, or researcher or are associated with other professional domains, The most common use cases of this AI checker free include the following:

Educational Institutions

Students' massive use of ChatGPT makes teachers worry about their students' academic integrity. If you are also a teacher battling the same issue, simply ask our AI content checker for assistance. This utility highlights instances of AI generation content if found in the uploaded text within a fraction of a second.

Content Creation

The use of our AI detection tool helps writers and authors in ensuring the authenticity of their work. This helps them examine their writing and make sure it's free of any instances of AI. Many writers often use ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas and not to copy AI content fully.

Enterprise & Organizations

Content marketing has become a crucial part of enterprises' and organizations' digital marketing strategies. High-quality content is the primary need to boost your marketing campaign and grab the attention of your targeted audience. Businesses usually hire freelance writers for this purpose. However, there is a possibility that they provide AI or plagiarized content. Therefore, it becomes vital to check if the content is written by professionals or generated by AI tools. Also, ensure that the content is not plagiarized by assisting our online plagiarism checker.

Why Did We Build The AI Detector Free?

The widespread of AI-generated content like a plague has started posing a real threat to academic integrity and professional honesty. This makes us think of an effective solution that can counter this severe issue. Therefore, we developed this AI text detector to enable individuals to identify ChatGPT-generated content and ensure the genuineness of the submitted work.

Furthermore, our AI text checker offers great support to enhance the quality of your online content, as Google's latest update clearly states that it will rank sites that have irrelevant, low-quality, or AI-generated content. So, using our AI detector will help you prevent being penalized for publishing AI-generated content.


How Do I Bypass AI Detection?

The easiest way to avoid AI detection is by rewriting the entire text to make it human-like. Or, you can rephrase your text using an online paraphrasing tool to get a fresh and natural-looking version of the text.

Is The AI Detector Able to Identify All AI-Generated Content?

Yes! This AI content detector's advanced algorithms enable it to instantly identify any AI-generated content. This online utility can detect content generated through GPT-4 or any other advanced AI tool easily.