API API can be integrated into any environment. Its flexibility makes it the best available option for you to detect copied phrases, and words. This API ensures top-level data privacy for all of its users. Your data remains private while using the plagiarism checker API. Enhance your platform with our AI-based plagiarism checker API.

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How is the Plagiarism Checker Helpful for Your Organization?

Content is an integral part of an organization. Out of several elements, you need to make sure that your team members aren’t producing plagiarized content. To aid this task, you can rely on the plagiarism checker API, as it is helpful for your organization to check the similarity in your content and provides you with detailed reports. Take precautions to protect yourself from any tragedy.

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Why Use API?

Advanced AI Technology

Plagiarism checker API is based on the latest AI technology that makes sure to deliver top-level results. The automated algorithms run the plagiarism test to detect content plagiarism better than any competitors.

Quick and Accurate Checking

The API comes with a super-fast mechanism to provide with high-level of accuracy. None of the plagiarized portions in a text stay unidentified. Our API makes plagiarism detection an easy process and saves your time for important tasks.

Easy to Configure

We have developed this API to meet our user needs. The plagiarism detection executed with this API is quite simple and smooth. It can be configured and integrated with numerous websites without any restrictions.

Sentence-wise Checking

The plagiarism checker API provides its users with sentence-wise results. It conducts the plagiarism test by analyzing every sentence from your text and presents results in a similar manner. After the completion of the process, you can easily figure out the sentences that have been flagged as plagiarized

Detect Plagiarism in Multiple Languages API comes with advanced options to facilitate users all around the globe. Besides English, this API also supports multiple languages to help you detect plagiarism in your preferred language.

Collaborate Across Your Team

The API by can be shared between your team without the need to have individual accounts. You can get a single plagiarism checker API and give access to your team members to collaborate with them and make it easy for everyone to check for plagiarism.

Multiple Website Usage

This plagiarism checker API can be integrated into multiple websites. It doesn’t ask you to go through technical difficulties for verifying your account every time you wish to conduct the plagiarism detection process.

Safe and Secure

The plagiarism checker API is totally safe and secure. No data is stored in our database or shared with any third-party sites while checking plagiarism from the desired text. You can use our API without having the fear of content stealing

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