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How to Rewrite Text Online?

The AI rewriter tool by uses a seamless approach to rewrite articles. The step-by-step instructions are given below:

Enter the text or upload a complete document file.


Tap on the ‘Rewrite Text’ button.


Our rewrite tool will take a few seconds to work on your text.


After a few seconds, you will be presented with the rewritten version of your text.


Save the output by copying or downloading it in the form of a file.


How Does Rewriter Tool Work?

The AI rewriter tool by spins the entered content like humans. Our tool first performs contextual analysis to understand the context of the input. This is mainly achieved by using a branch of artificial intelligence known as Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Once this article rewriter has gained an understanding of the input and its context, it relies on its training to perform the actual rewriting process. Since the backend of this utility has been trained to rewrite text like humans.

Besides, our tool uses sentence restructuring, word reordering, and synonym replacement approaches for article spinning. These advanced algorithms and rewriting strategies can help achieve unique and high-quality results.

Key Features of AI Text Rewriter

From providing high-quality output to ensuring the best possible experience for its users, our text rewriter packs loads of key features. Here are some of the most highlighted ones:

Accuracy Metrics

This rewrite tool performs the complete procedure with complete accuracy. It makes sure that the generated content aligns closely with the input. Therefore, the accuracy and quality of our AI rewriter tool is unquestionable.

Customization Option

Although this text rewriter automates the rewriting process, it still offers complete control to its users. Users can hover over the highlighted word in the output to explore synonym suggestions and customize the result according to their likings.

Enhanced Creativity

Our AI word rewriter has been trained to rewrite articles that closely resemble human writing. Therefore, when writer’s block stops the flow of your creative juices, you can use the creativity of this online utility to maintain your productivity.

Consistency in Tone

This article rewriter tool has been programmed to always produce coherent results. Instead of using a different tone for each sentence, this tool follows a consistent writing tone throughout the output.

Prevent Plagiarism

Our rewriting tool uses a combination of techniques to produce the output. Therefore, its output will always be 100% unique and free of plagiarism. If you still have any concerns, it's recommended to promptly use a plagiarism checker without further delay.

Real-World Applications of Rewriter Tool

Anyone who writes a little bit of content can optimize their workflow through our rewrite tool. Here are some examples where this web utility will prove extremely helpful:

Content optimization in SEO is not all about including the target keywords in the content. It also involves producing an engaging and human-friendly piece of content. But if you have trouble writing such content, you can rely on the cutting-edge AI capabilities of our rewriter tool.

The algorithms of this utility have been trained to understand the ins and outs of engaging content. Therefore, it knows how to transform a bland text into an engaging write-up without changing its crux.

Plagiarism is one of the major issues in the field of academia. Therefore, academic candidates often have to rewrite articles or duplicate portions of their work. But sometimes, their rewritten information falls prey to plagiarism. In such a situation, they can use our article rewriter AI.

This tool has been programmed to produce a unique variation of input text without changing the original meaning. Even if you process the same text repeatedly, it will use unique wording each time. Therefore, if you can’t eliminate plagiarism on your own, you can rely on our rewriting tool.

Content marketing is not all about writing content for a blog or website. It also involves content creation and posting on social media. But you can’t use the same writing tone for social media and website content. This is where using our word rewriter will prove helpful.

Our tool not only changes the wording of the entered text, but it can also modify the writing tone without altering the original meaning. Therefore, you can use it to quickly rewrite articles and a blog post for social media content. This will save you time, which can be utilized in the other aspects of your content marketing strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This rewriting tool is not an open-source utility. Therefore, you can’t customize the level of its rewriting algorithms according to your preference.

Yes. This tool accepts all the popular document formats like .doc, .docx, .pdf, and .txt.

The rewriting engine of this word spinner has been trained on large datasets of various content types. Therefore, it knows how to rewrite text with complex or technical language with 100% accuracy.

No. This article rewriter tool has no word or character count limit. Therefore, you can use it to rewrite a single sentence or a complete document in one go.

Yes. This tool highlights the changes made to the input. You can hover over the highlighted words to explore their synonym suggestions. Using the provided suggestions will ultimately prove helpful in enhancing your content’s readability.
Our article spinner conducts article spinning that resembles human language. Therefore, it doesn’t produce grammatically incorrect results. You won’t even find the incorrect usage of punctuation marks in the output delivered by this tool.