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Free rewording tool helps students and writers to get a fresh and improved version by rewording paragraphs, and essays. Try our reword generator for free without any limitations.

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How to Use the Rewording Tool?

Rewording is no longer a laborious task. Simply follow the easily performable steps below to reword any text instantly.

Paste the text in the given field or upload the text file by clicking on the Upload button.


Tap on the “Reword Now” button to initiate the process.


Our free rewording tool will work on your input and give you inspiring and unique text quickly.


Copy the resultant text and paste it into your writing task straightaway.


Reword Generator Features

The AI rewording generator is the finest option you can opt for restructuring any textual content. Below are some of the unique and valuable features of this facility.

AI Reworder offers you the best rewording tool that incorporates AI technology to offer you the simplest yet efficient way of creating quality content. The backend algorithms of this utility process your input, reword it, and provide you with an entirely fresh text.

Multiple Uploading Choices

This top-notch facility offers ease to its users in submitting the text they desire to reword. They can enter the text by pasting it in the given field on this reword generator. They can also upload the text file directly from their local storage by pressing the Upload button.

Exclude Quotes and Caps

Our free rewording tool has a unique feature that allows you to exclude all the quotes and capital words while rewording paragraphs. With this feature, you can easily retain specific words written in capital letters. This gives you a perfect way to manage acronyms, proper nouns, or terms you desire to keep in the reworded text for clarity and precision.

Efficient and user-friendly

Unlike most other online facilities, this AI reworder has an easy-to-understand interface. This allows newbies and students a simple way to restructure any sentence, essay, or article without facing any ambiguity.

What Makes Our Rewording Tool Stand Out among Others?

Many of you have tried various online platforms for rewording paragraphs. But, this AI rewording generator is undeniably perfect from all of them. Let’s discuss some major benefits of preferring this facility over other possible options.

This online rewording tool has a vast database of vocabulary. Once you upload the text, the tool scans it, processes it, and reword it with the best possible synonyms. This will enhance the appearance of your entered text and make it graspable for the readers.

This reword tool allows you to make multiple versions of the same article. Yes! You can take advantage of this utility to generate as many articles, essays, or blogs from a single piece of text as you desire without making any manual effort.

Are you tired of rewording essays to make them plagiarism-free? Try this free rewording tool and eliminate the instances of plagiarism from your content. This facility offers you 100% unique and fresh content that you can submit without any fear of plagiarism. You can also cross-check the genuineness of the reworded text with any online plagiarism checker.

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Users of Our Rewording Generator

Our reword tool is equally beneficial for individuals from almost every field and sector of life. The major users are discussed below.


Students are required to write high-quality and original academic assignments to get good grades. However, writing fresh and inspiring academic content is a challenging and time-consuming task. But, with our AI rewording tool, students can easily generate plagiarism-free essays in a few seconds.

Digital Marketers

High-quality content is essential to promote your products or services and gain maximum sales. With this free reword generator, users can generate the best quality content that enables them to market their business perfectly.


Copywriters are expected to create engaging blog posts, articles, and posts that help businesses grab maximum traffic. Our online reworder generatorl offers copywriters an opportunity to generate eye-grabbing copies within a limited span.


Bloggers need to publish fresh articles regularly to maintain their website’s ranking on search engine results pages. This best rewording tool allows bloggers to repurpose their content and generate different versions of the same blogs without writing a single word.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is an example of a rewording:

“He didn’t like Sam’s performance in the tournament.”

“He was dissatisfied with Sam's performance in the tournament.”

In this rewording tool example, the structure of the sentence is changed, but the meaning is the same.

Rewording is a process in which the words are replaced with better synonyms that uplift its readability and improve its engagement. In paraphrasing, the entire structure of a text is modified to give a text entirely new appearance.

Yes! You can improve your vocabulary and enhance your writing skills by analyzing the text generated by the reword tool.

Using this reword generator, you can instantly reword any essay. Simply paste the text on this tool. It will process it and give you the quickest rewording results within a few seconds.