It’s quite easy to use a plagiarism checker all you need to do is copy/paste or upload your content. Our algorithm powered by Artificial Intelligence will instantly cross-check the submitted data. And will display accurate results for you.
Yes! This online plagiarism checker supports multi-languages and provides you with accurate results without any hassle.
No! Our best plagiarism checker doesn’t ask you to install any application on your device to find the piracy in your content.
Our similarity checker finds the duplication from your work in no time and displays the results on your screen in a matter of seconds.
There are no clear rules about the acceptable percentage of plagiarism. However, it is suggested that your content must not have more than 10% of plagiarism in any case.
Yes! Our plagiarism detector gives you the safest platform to detect plagiarism in content. The data uploaded by the users on our tool will be deleted automatically from our servers within a few minutes.
It’s easy to interpret the generated result. Duplicate content testers will display the results in front of you by highlighting the duplicate content in red and unique content in green. Along with that, it will also give the percentage ratio of how much content is duplicated and how much is unique.
If you are a free member, then you can search 800 words per query, and you are allowed unlimited queries. But when it comes to the premium plan, the number of searches differs according to your plan. If you are using the Basic plan, then you will be only allowed 1000-word search per query. And if you have subscribed to our Business plan, then you are allowed 1500. Along with that for Enterprise, Corporate, and Exclusive, the word search limit is 2000, 10,000 and 30,000, respectively.
Yes, you can upload a file for checking from your local storage space and dropbox as well. Along with that, the facility to copy/paste is also available for our users.
Yes, we are providing multiple user logins. You can give access to your team members to a single account with the same credentials. It will let you streamline your work in every possible way of checking duplication with a plagiarism checker.
Yes, along with checking plagiarism, we’re also providing the facility to give squeaky-clean content by looking at grammatical errors. The integrated feature of the grammar check tool enables you to eradicate all the mistakes that might be in your content.
We are offering free services along with affordable premium plans for our users; you can choose any one of them, which can accommodate your requirements and budget. Ranging from the Basic Plan to Exclusive Plan, you can opt for the one that suits your needs. Click here for plans and pricing options. You can even upgrade your plans anytime.
You can opt for multiple payment options. Currently, we are accepting credit/debit cards powered by Mastercard, Visa, AM EX, NetBanking, and SADAD. Along with that, you can also pay the subscription charges through PayPal. If you face any payment-related problems, please contact us. Our 24-hour support team would be happy to assist you.
We are providing five types of plans, the higher the price you pay, the more features you can access. If at any point you feel that you require to get a customized plan, we are here at your disposal. Please Contact Us to get a quote for a higher number of searches. Our 24-hour support team would be glad to help you in this regard.
Every single sentence in your text is checked and cross-referenced against billions of search results. Our advanced AI-powered algorithm makes sure to check plagiarism thoroughly. We compare your submitted content with billions of data available over the web. It ensures the highest accuracy and prevents any matches slipping through the cracks.
In case you are using Basic, Business, or Enterprise Plan, it will be valid for one calendar month. But if you have subscribed to a Corporate or Exclusive Plan, then it is valid for three months. You will not be charged again until you manually renew the package at the end of the subscription period. This method will allow you to have the flexibility of only paying what when you need it.
We are providing a Plagiarism Report for our users. You just have to click the Generate Plagiarism Report button. And you will get access to the report which includes similarity for indexed content along with unique content ratio in percentage. You are also welcome to copy the results of the plagiarism checker and save them in an MS Word file for your ease of reference.
Your privacy is held in the highest regard. We give great value to your submitted content. We neither store your data in our database nor share it with other databases. The process is fully automated, and our advanced AI-powered algorithm ensures that your content must be protected under the copyright laws.
Users can check content without signing up or any registration process. You can perform unlimited searches while being a free member. To increase your search limit, you will have to buy one of our affordable premium plans, which suits your requirements.
You can exclude URLs from your content by specifying in a separate field. It will allow us to deliver accurate results for the plagiarism. As in the results, the plagiarism checker will not show it as duplicated content along with that you will also be able to get a 100% unique content report. Which can be beneficial for you, if you have to submit it in your university or workplace.
In addition to the online plagiarism checker, Our tool offers a free Grammar checker which helps you to correct multiple types of grammar errors along with spelling mistakes. Our tool also offers a paraphrasing tool that aids people to remove duplication from their content by rephrasing sentences.
NO! Paraphrasing is elaborating an idea of someone in your own words without changing the concept. You can try an online tool to paraphrase content and save your time and effort.
It is essential to come up with original content whenever you’re involved in a writing task. Self-plagiarism is considered wrong because it’s illegal to copy anything from the web and present it on another site, even if it’s your own work.