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How to Check Grammar Online?

The grammar check has an easy-to-use interface that makes it convenient to check and rectify grammatical errors. You can easily correct grammar of any text by following the easy steps mentioned below.

Step 1
Enter your text in the given box. You have multiple options to upload text in this tool, which includes copy-paste text, and uploading files from the device’s storage or from Dropbox.
Step 2

After entering your text, you have to click the Check Grammar button below the text box.

Step 3

The grammar check online will start scanning your text as soon as you click the button. It will display the identified mistakes from your text in a matter of seconds.

Step 4

You can easily correct grammar errors by clicking on the highlighted text. Once you find the correct version, you can simply copy or download it.

Grammar Checker to Boost Writing Productivity

Quality content is crucial and requires both time and effort. Neglecting quality leads to the creation of poor or plagiarized content, which is undesirable. Maintain the quality of your content by checking duplication using a plagiarism checker. For further improvements, writers must check grammar mistakes to boost their writing productivity.

Proofreading takes time, but an automated grammar checker and corrector can perform the task in seconds. Our english corrector offers several benefits to its users, including:

Online Proofreading

This English grammar check is entirely web-based and doesn’t ask users to get a specific device to operate it. You can proofread all types of documents from any operating system. It isn’t software or a plugin that needs to be installed on your desktop or mobile device. You just need a good internet connection to use this online grammar checker free.

Highlights More Grammatical Errors than Microsoft Word

Many writers depend only on the spell and grammar check functionality within Microsoft Word. However, the grammar checking facility in the word processor isn’t able to proofread your text in depth. On the other hand, our grammar correct identifies all types of grammatical mistakes existing in a text and provides users with suggestions to rectify them.

Fix Complex Spelling Errors

Sometimes, the writers are unable to write the spelling of complex words accurately. This error is usually made by non-native English writers as it isn’t easy for them to memorize complex spellings. Our spelling and grammar check online utility can solve all your problems by highlighting incorrect spellings from your text.

Suggest Right Words

The advanced algorithms of our free grammar checker identify errors by looking at the context of each phrase. Hence, it provides the right word suggestions that fit best according to the context.

Get Rid of Punctuation Errors

Punctuation marks make it easier for the readers to understand the idea elaborated by the writer in a text. You might have an idea about the usage of commas and full stops, but there are a variety of other punctuations that become essential to use. Our punctuation checker will help you clear out all of the punctuation errors.

Common Grammatical Mistakes To Identify

While writing an article or any kind of content, you are concerned with books or material from the Internet. In doing all this, you might make several writing mistakes. It’s essential to check grammar online to detect errors you might be making so that you can work on not repeating them. Let’s discuss the common content writing mistakes:


Verb or Tense Error

The verb is used in a sentence to describe when an action occurs, whether in the past, present, or future. While using a verb, it’s essential to stay consistent with the tense unless it becomes necessary to shift to another tense.


Singular/Plural Errors

It’s another common error in which the pronoun doesn’t agree with the number of the noun it’s referring to. If a noun is singular, the pronoun should be singular. Whereas if a noun is plural, the pronoun has to be plural.


Consecutive Nouns

You may already know that we separate nouns with a comma while describing a list of things in a sentence. However, a second noun identifies the first noun phrase in some conditions. These nouns will go as consecutive ones without the usage of commas and apostrophes.


Redundant Expressions

The phrases that contain two or more words and repeat the same meaning or idea are known as redundant expressions. The redundant expressions result in over wordiness, as the same thing could be said by using just a single word.


Common Spelling Mistakes

When the writers are in the flow of writing, they might not realize and make common spelling errors, such as extra usage of an alphabet or altering the alphabet's position in tricky words. Online grammar check can help you correct such type of spelling errors.


Misused Words Correction

English is a tricky language, and you’ll face mix-ups even in the common words and phrases you use in your everyday routine. Our free grammar checker online will help you identify and correct misused words to make your document error-free.

More than a Grammar Checker

The grammar checker offers top-notch features to its users. Several reasons make our grammatical corrector an exception more than a traditional one. Some of them are mentioned below.

Instant English Grammar Check

This english grammar checker is the quickest medium to check and eliminate grammatical issues from any type of text. This advanced english corrector to correct grammar illuminates all errors and displays them on the screen in a blink of an eye.

Best Grammar Checker Free

This free grammar checker isn’t an ordinary tool that will only detect grammatical mistakes. But also detects punctuation and spelling mistakes and other redundancies as well.

Free of Cost

Our grammar check online is 100% free of cost. You don’t need to worry about paying a penny for checking and fixing grammar issues. It’s free for a lifetime, and you won’t be limited to running a certain number of checks daily.

No Word Limit

You can check your lengthy documents in one go with this english corrector. There is no word limit imposed by the developers of the grammar corrector to save the time of users.

Supports Multiple File Formats

As this text corrector allows you to directly upload a file for checking grammar, you don’t have to worry about the file formats our tool supports. Whether you have a .txt, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .odt, or .rtf file, you can easily upload it on our grammatical corrector.

Multi Lingual Grammar Checker

English isn’t the only language whose grammar matters. Many people write in other languages, and to communicate effectively, you should check their grammar as well. Our free grammar checker online offers you the feature to check and correct grammar errors in documents in multiple languages.

Who Uses our Grammar Checker Online?

The grammar checker on our website is an essential tool for people working in various fields. Any field that involves written communication should use this utility to avoid miscommunication. The most common users of our grammar corrector are writers, students, bloggers, and authors.

Frequently Asked Questions

The grammar check tool scans your text for all kinds of grammar errors and provides suggestions for corrections.

Yes, our grammar checker is completely free to use without any limitations on the number of checks.
Yes, the free online grammar checker supports checking grammar errors in documents written in multiple languages.
The grammar checker detects spelling, punctuation, grammar, and redundancy errors in your text.
Yes, the grammar mistakes checker is web-based and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.
The online grammar check is quick and typically takes only a few seconds to scan and identify errors in your text.
Yes, the grammar corrector provides suggestions for alternative words based on the context of your text.