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Text Summarizer helps you summarize articles, paragraphs, or blog posts into bullet points or paragraphs. Instantly extract key information from complex text with our summarizing tool.


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How to Use This AI text Summarizer?

The AI summarizer effortlessly extracts key points from a text. Users can summarize articles or any type of content by following the steps mentioned below:

Paste the text or upload the document.


Choose the Mode from the given options as per your preference.


Click on the Summarize text button to start the process.


The facility will scan your text and draw key information from it.


Copy the summarized content and use it in your writing right away.


Summarize Text in the following ways:

Our summarizing tool provides you with two ways to get the desired summarized content.


Draw off key data from your articles, blog posts, essays, and research papers, and give your output in precise paragraph form.

Bullet Points

Extract the main idea of your submitted lengthy content in easily understandable bullet points with a few clicks.

Why Use This Text Summarizer?

The top-notch text summarizing tool allows you to learn the core information of any written content without reading the entire text. Below are some major pros of using this tool.

AI Summarizer

The text summarizer incorporates artificial intelligence technology and natural language processing algorithms to process your information. The tool utilizes cutting-edge technology, hence yielding high-quality summarization results.

Accurate and Free

This summarize tool can provide 100% accurate results without disturbing the content. Moreover, this highly competent tool is the best option for summarizing your text without investing a penny. Yes! It’s a free-to-use tool that doesn’t demand any premium membership.

Unlimited Summarization

This summarization tool is always at your disposal if you want to get summaries of countless articles, essays, papers, or other documents as per your need. Easily summarize text by accessing this tool anytime and from anywhere.

No Installation Required

Unlike most online facilities, this text summarizer generator never asks you to share your personal information. Users don’t need to make an account to summarize with this free tool. Moreover, you will not have to install any application on your device to summarize your written content.


Our summarizing tool offers you the safest option to summarize text. The AI algorithms ensure that no third party can access your uploaded content for any reason. Moreover, the document or text you submit to this AI summarizer will be removed from the servers once you get the desired results.

Simplify your Life with the Summarizer Tool

Users can enhance their productivity and complete their given tasks with the availability of this summarize tool. Below are some major pros of preferring this tool:

The web-based summarizer tool can easily draw critical information from lengthy articles. Using AI technology, the utility scans the entire text and highlights crucial information in bullet points or concise paragraphs.

Researchers can also benefit from the advancement in technology and reduce their efforts. By taking the assistance of this top-notch tool, they can avoid reading lengthy papers manually to get the key idea. Instead, they can summarize text online to learn the primary information shared in the content.

Besides offering you ease in managing academic or professional tasks, this summarize tool also supports individuals in their daily lives. Using this tool, they can get familiar with the main points of any journal, news, or social media post without reading the entire content.

The AI text summarizing tool allows you to simplify the information shared by clients or employees. Simply draw important points from a meeting or business report. It also aids you in transcribing the primary idea of any content in paragraphs or bullet points.

Paraphrasing Vs. Summarizing: What’s The Difference?

Paraphrasing and summarizing are both important methods that help writers perform their assigned tasks. However, both terms are used for completely different purposes.

Summarizing is a process of restating the main idea of the whole content to make it easier for the reader to understand it. However, writing a summary of any type of content doesn’t mean you have to re-explain the information from scratch. Instead, you only need to highlight the key points or utilize the text summarizer to elaborate the idea adequately. The summary of any content is always shorter than its source content.

On the other hand, Paraphrasing is a process of restating content using your own words while maintaining the actual meaning of the content. Another important thing is that there will be no restriction on the length of the content. The paraphrasing tool can examine the content and then restructure it using a different vocabulary. Moreover, every part of the original content must be covered in paraphrased content.


Our article summarizer is an online tool that people can access on all devices including mobile and desktop.

The AI Summarize tool can instantly summarize the provided text in few seconds. No need to signup or register yourself for using the tool.

Yes, the tool act as an essay summarizer and provides you with multiple summaries of your essay without any usage restrictions.

A maximum of 300 words can be summarized at once. If you want to summarize more, simply paste the content and get your results.