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How to Reword a Sentence?

The AI-powered sentence changer allows you to reword a sentence quite easily. Here are the steps that can be followed to reword sentences:

Type or paste the sentences in the given space.


Start the process by clicking the “Change Sentence” button.


You will get plenty of reworded sentences for each sentence.


Copy the result and use it wherever you want.


AI Sentence Changer by

The sentence changer offered on is a trusted and reliable solution to reword a sentence. Writing is not an easy task, and sometimes, writers end up jotting down sentences that are unclear and hard for the readers to understand. The sentence reworder on this platform is here to help you tackle such scenarios and bring clarity to your writing. This facility is absolutely free of cost and gives users the liberty to reword sentences as many times as they want. In addition, its super-compatibility with all kinds of devices allows you to change sentences online without software installation.

Advantages of Using Sentence Changer

A sentence changer can prove to be beneficial for people involved in writing tasks in various ways. Here are the possible advantages you can enjoy by using this tool:

Enhanced Clarity in Expression

Sometimes, individuals find it hard to express the meaning of their sentences clearly. The sentence changer helps them overcome this challenge by enhancing clarity in expression with stronger synonyms and phrases.

Elevated Writing Style

If you want to bring some refinement to your writing style, then sentence reworder is here to help you out. It provides you with the option to present sentences by choosing a different writing style, such as casual, friendly, confident, affirmative, formal, etc.

Time Efficiency in Content Creation

Creating content from scratch requires an ample amount of time and effort. Writing a single short description may take several minutes or even hours. The sentence changer allows you to deal with this problem and ensure time efficiency in content creation, as it just takes a couple of seconds to reword sentences.

Overcoming Language Barriers

People who write in their non-native language feel embarrassed when communicating with peers on a professional level. This hassle can be resolved with the sentence changer. You can overcome language barriers by using this sentence reworder and confidently communicate with anyone you want.

Reword Sentences For Plagiarism Prevention

Plagiarism is a big plague in the lives of students as well as writers. The existence of plagiarism in your content or assignments can lead you to face severe consequences, as there are strict policies against this offence everywhere. However, you don’t have to be worried about duplication anymore, as it can be easily prevented with sentence reworder.

This AI sentence changer change the sentence completely and generates its unique version in a matter of seconds. Once you submit a plagiarized write-up to this tool, it will make sure to reword sentences and provide you with plagiarism-free sentences.

Best Practices to Reword a Sentence

Without knowing the intent behind a sentence, it won’t be possible to change the sentence. Hence, at first, you are required to understand the meaning of a sentence that you need to reword.

The next step is to cut the noise and focus on the real substance of your sentence. To execute this step, you can simply remove the words that are unnecessary in a sentence.

Then, you are required to replace words in the sentence with their suitable synonyms. In this step, it’s essential to find and choose only those synonyms that fit in the context of your sentence.

The final step is to alter the structure of the sentence. You can change sentences from an active voice to a passive voice or vice versa while rewording it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The sentence changer is based on AI and its sub-branches that allow it to understand users’ sentences and reword a sentence accordingly. This tool alters the words, phrases, and even structures to help you generate a new version of your sentence.

Yes! The sentence changer can improve the quality of writing by rewording sentences. The advanced capabilities of this sentence reworder eliminate vagueness from a sentence and enhance its readability.

The sentence changer is 100% accurate in preserving the original meaning of a sentence. Its NLP algorithms understand the context of a sentence to preserve its meaning while rewording.