Which Is the Best Software to Check for Plagiarism?

Which Is the Best Software to Check for Plagiarism?

Ever since the plague of plagiarism was discovered, plagiarism checking solutions started appearing on the internet. Today, there are a number of plagiarism software applications available for users to choose from. You have to pay to use some of them while others are free to use.

For academia and researchers, there are specially designed plagiarism checking solutions. The reason for this is that colleges, universities, and research institutes do not permit access to their computer network to non-members. Even search engines like Google, Bing, Firefox, and others are not allowed to search for content on these sites. Therefore, for these exclusive needs, you must find a plagiarism checker that can access and scan documents stored on these sites.

Why Do You Need A Plagiarism Checker?

If you write something out of your own head and don’t copy parts from something that you have read, you don’t need a plagiarism checker. The chances of anyone coming up with the same idea or thoughts like yours and writing in the same style are extremely remote. If you have a good memory but a messy one, and face difficulties telling what you have written from what others have written. Then you need to the highest plagiarism software.

How to Find the Best Plagiarism Software Online?

Finding the top plagiarism software online to use can be quite testing. If writing is your trade and you do a lot of reading, to come up with ideas on how to write on a particular topic, you might tend to plagiarize. Obviously, if you are tasked to write on a topic you have no idea about, you will be reading up on that topic before you start typing. Here you might end up plagiarizing unintentionally.

To safeguard yourself from being charged for plagiarizing, you need to find the greatest plagiarism software online. The best plagiarism software would be one that has access to the largest online collection of written content.

Writers have their own preferences and some vouch for one plagiarism detector, while others prefer another one. There is no single plagiarism detector that every writer agrees on that this one is the best. This is understandable, as all writers are not writing on the same topic nor have the same writing style.

The tried and tested method of checking free plagiarism detectors is to pick a passage of an article from Wikipedia, another from a subscription magazine or journal or protected research paper and content from a website and run it through the free plagiarism detectors. The free plagiarism detector that flags all of them should be the one to use. But don’t be surprised if it does not, as free plagiarism detectors cannot check the content that is subscriber protected.

If you are a serious writer or blogger and want to be known for writing original content, your best bet would be to find the best plagiarism software online that you have to subscribe to.

One or should it be described as the top plagiarism detection software that exists today is plagiarism software. Go to plagirismsoftware.net and test it out yourself. You can do a few free trials; just remember that the word limit for free trials is 500 words. This should be sufficient for you to conduct your tests. A paragraph from Wikipedia, a paragraph from a subscribed journal or magazine, should provide the proof that you need. It will flag them sentence by sentence, and when you compare the flagged plagiarized sentence, it will show you the URL of the source.

It does an absolutely top of the line plagiarism checking. It is easy to use and does not have any clutter on the display screen. Not only that, but it also does a grammar and spelling check and provides a very comprehensive result sheet. It checks keyword density, reading, and speaking time, and a lot of other useful information. Moreover, you can print the result report.

None of the other plagiarism detecting software applications does such a thorough job. Once you get used to using it, you might note that your writing skills have also improved.


It’s not costly, and more than one person can share it. This means that one subscriber pays for its usage, and he or she can share the login with others. This makes it ideally suited for students who want to use the best plagiarism software application and share the cost of the plan that they decide to purchase.

Business and corporate users can also buy packages designed specifically for them. The added advantage that they will get is that it will do a ‘deep search’.

As a writer whose thoughts might be getting jumbled up and fear that they might be plagiarizing, use plagiarism software, and be rest assured all your work will be original.