Consequences of Violations of the Academic Honor Code

Potential Consequences of Violations of the Academic Honor Code

Every college and university has honor codes, especially when it comes to the thesis or final year project. Students of that institute are supposed to follow the rules and regulations set by their college administration. While talking about FYP or thesis reports, students are prohibited from copying any information from the published sources. Plagiarism is an unacceptable act that is a punishable crime in academics, and all educational institutes have severe punishments against plagiarists.

In this post, we are going to unveil the consequences of violations of the academic honor code in detail. So, it is suggested to read the information discussed below attentively to have a better understanding of the topic. 

Failure in A Subject

Writing a final year thesis isn’t a piece of cake. You need to visit various online portals or explore different sources from where you can get authentic information regarding your topic. After writing content undoubtedly check plagiarism. Moreover, if you are an engineering or tech-related student, then you may have to spend a massive amount of time in your lab to get accurate experimental data. This whole process requires extensive efforts and time to get the desired results. However, many individuals out there prefer using a shortcut instead of making efforts and plagiarize the work of others.

The universities have introduced a zero-tolerance policy for such copycats and award them with an F grade if they are found guilty of plagiarism.

Expulsion from College

Leading universities are always striving to uplift the worth of their degrees and take special measures for it. Introducing strict and unbreakable honor codes for the students is one of the actions they take to let everyone notice their superiority. If a student is found committing plagiarism in such institutes, then he will have to face a difficult and unpleasant situation. Besides giving an F grade, these institutes often don’t hesitate to expel the student from the classroom for a few days or the whole term, depending on the nature of the student’s actions. Therefore, the students must check plagiarism to avoid the consequences and the trouble they might get into due to duplication.

Monitorial Penalty  

There are many other academic fields besides educational institutes which have dedicated honor codes, and failing to obey them will cause serious damage. The research field is one of the fields where the manipulation of published data is taken as an offense. The research work published by a researcher is his/her sole property, and no one has the right to use it without taking permission. If a person has plagiarized a published research work, then the owner of that information has the right to claim copyright against it. The plagiarist may have to pay a massive amount of money as a penalty to the original owner of the information as compensation for using the copyrighted information. Always add citations to give credit to the author.

Destruction of Reputation and Fame

The fame or good reputation can’t be made within a few days. A struggle of extensive time is needed to let people realize that you are a reliable and honest person. When it comes to writing, it may take years to gain the trust and appreciation of the readers. All this goodwill and fame can be destroyed within a flash if people find out that you are a plagiarist. Not a single reader appreciates plagiarism and prefers uniqueness, and if they come to know that a writer copies others, they will definitely stop reading his work.

The same goes with academics; if a student is found plagiarizing others’ work, his/her teachers will stop appreciating him/her. Moreover, he/she may have to face embarrassment before classmates due to this unethical act.

Final Words

Plagiarism is a breakage of ethical norms and is considered a severe unlawful act in various fields of life. The institutes set serious punishments and penalties for plagiarists. The information shared above will get you familiar with the consequences of violating the academic honor code. Therefore, it becomes unavoidable for an individual to check plagiarism to save himself from facing these unpleasant situations and avoid any trouble. Using a plagiarism checker will be a great help, as this facility will scan your content and find any minor duplication in it within no time.