5 Reasons Why Students Need Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is a writing technique in which you explain information or ideas presented by someone else in your own words. An individual changes the structure of the content or rephrases it in his own words without changing the meaning of the entire article. Paraphrasing is simply a writing method in which you reshape textual information while retaining the actual concept. It is also essential to state here that paraphrasing is crucial to acknowledge the actual source of information.

This blog post will cover five main reasons students need to paraphrase and what benefits they will get comprehensively.

Boost Your Memorizing Power

The learning abilities of different individuals can’t be similar. You might have seen many people who learn a concept effectively when they read it. Many others are auditory learners who perceive some information best when they listen to it from their teachers, friends, etc. However, you can boost your memorizing power with paraphrasing. Writing down the concept you have learned in the classroom or from your instructor in your own words will enable you to memorize it for a longer time. The human mind is quite forgetful, and it is challenging for a person to remember something for an extensive-time period. But first, make sure to know the do’s and don’ts of paraphrasing. Then paraphrase the whole concept in your words to keep it in your mind for a long time.

Assemble Your Scattered Thoughts

It is essential for an individual to become capable of explaining thoughts he/she has in mind. You might have experienced this situation where you have some dispersed views in your mind, and you didn’t have any idea of how to organize and explain them to others. The words that were roaming in your mind might not be the right ones to explain the whole concept to your mates. But, the entire problem can be solved with paraphrasing. The only thing you need is to write down whatever is in your mind on paper. Once you are done with it, it would be simple for you to rephrase the whole idea and present it to others easily.

This approach will be excellent assistance for students, as they go through a lot of pressure due to their studies, and paraphrasing will make it easier for them to get rid of distracted and scattered thoughts. Besides explaining the idea, this approach is also helpful to stay focused and make better decisions.

Strengthen Your Opinion

Students are expected to take part in class discussions or various competitions like debates, etc. The selection of the words is crucial if a student really wants to impress the listeners. If you use adequate and excellent words to explain your opinion, then it will assist you in outshining other contestants.

The paraphrasing technique will support students in explaining their point, and also enables them to improve their vocabulary. Once you draw your opinion on a paper through your words, you can quickly overview them and make modifications as per the need.

Enhancing Your Confidence

You might have witnessed that having written material with you will make you more confident, especially when you are presenting a topic. If you are asked to present your idea in front of a large audience, then you may feel pressure, and the chances of losing confidence at that time are much higher. However, if you have written down the information you want to share with the audience, then you will feel more confident. You will be able to give a great presentation and inspire your audience by using paraphrasing techniques.

Turns You in A Great Conversationalist

While sharing your ideas verbally, you might have made many mistakes that you don’t even notice. As a student, you need to analyze and discard such mistakes if you are really interested in getting a prominent place in your classroom. Paraphrasing can help you in improving your communication skills as well. Once you write down your ideas, you will come across various mistakes that need to be improved. Moreover, this technique will provide you with a great opportunity to make a better structure of your sentence, and if you keep practicing this technique, you will find a great improvement in your communication. You can also take assistance from an online paraphrasing tool for better results.

Bottom Line

Explaining an idea or information presented by others in your own words by keeping the actual original meaning is known as paraphrasing. This technique is a great help for students in improving their speaking and writing skills. The reasons discussed above will enable you to get familiar with five major ways how paraphrasing helps students perform various tasks and polish their skills.