Who Should Use Plagiarism Software?

Who Should Use Plagiarism Software?

Plagiarism has become a universal nuisance mostly because of the internet. The wildfire like spread of the internet, it’s easy availability, and a massive collection of information has made it a goldmine for plagiarists. 

The one sector that has been the worst-hit because of this affliction is academia. Before the advent of the internet, students had to spend hours in libraries poring over books to read, learn, and do their assignments. They would go to the libraries armed with their notebooks and take notes from the books that they read.

After books, research papers, educational, engineering, and scientific works, and every type of information was placed on the internet, the practice of going to libraries has petered down. 

Today, a student’s academic lifeline is a laptop or tablet and an internet connection. They can read what they want, when they want and where they want. This has resulted in a rise in cheating and plagiarism.

Once plagiarism raised its ugly head, entrepreneurs and software engineers went to work and came up with plagiarism software solutions.

Today, there are thousands of plagiarism software solutions available to tackle this menace. 

There is a plagiarism checker for teachers that has been specially designed for them. Some universities maintain their own databases of books, reports, and essays and share them with other universities.

When students enter college or university, they are warned about the rules and likely consequences of cheating and plagiarism. 

The easiest way for students to avoid plagiarism is by not indulging in it. You have entered college or university to get higher education and make a career in your life. Go about achieving this goal without thinking about shortcuts and cheating. Only then will you achieve your life’s goals.

What Plagiarism Checkers Do Universities Use?

Turnitin plagiarism checking software is popularly used by most universities and other institutions in the US, UK, and Australia. Unfortunately, students studying in these universities cannot use Turnitin for free. 

Not all universities use Turnitin, and some professors, lecturers where it is provided, do not use it. 

Professors and lecturers have their own styles of checking for plagiarism. Therefore there is no single plagiarism checker that is used universally. Some lecturers/professors don’t use any plagiarism checking software. They rely on their skills to check plagiarism. They are able to gauge the skill set of each student and are aware of their writing abilities. They can tell if a student has plagiarized accidentally or intentionally. It’s only when they suspect a student is plagiarizing intentionally, they will use a similarity checker for teachers to verify their suspicions. 

What Plagiarism Checker do Colleges use?

As a rule, colleges warn their students against plagiarizing, and if caught, the punishment is quite severe. There is a list of copyright checker on the internet that are suggested for colleges to use. In some colleges, the institution provides the plagiarism checker that the teachers and students are instructed to use. 

Teachers and students generally use the ones that suit their requirements. Teachers prefer to depend on their abilities to check plagiarism and only use it to make doubly sure that a student has cheated. 

What Plagiarism Checker Do Teachers Use?

This is a question often posed by students and teachers on the internet. There is no single plagiarism checker for teachers that is used by the entire teaching community. Every teacher has his or her preference when it comes to using a duplication checker.

The reason for this is that teachers teach different subjects. So their choice of a similarity detection software depends on the subject that they specialize in teaching. Most teachers only use plagiarism checker software when they start a new semester and are unfamiliar with their students’ abilities. Once they get to know their students, they seldom use a plagiarism scanner.

The use of a plagiarism checker tool for teachers depends on where the teacher is teaching. You cannot expect that a teacher in Kenya will be using the same plagiarism software as a teacher who is teaching the same subjects in England.

What Plagiarism Checker Do Students Use?

Students use online plagiarism checker to make sure that they have not accidentally plagiarized work. Of course, the temptation to plagiarize can be quite high because of a load of studies. But good students don’t get tempted into indulging in this unethical practice.

The fear of getting expelled acts as a deterrent to students. There are similarity checkers for students. Affordable plagiarism software for students is preferred as students live on pocket money and don’t want to spend more money when they know they don’t cheat.

Yes, students do use a plagiarism detector to make doubly sure that they have not accidentally copied someone else’s work. They prefer to use an efficient plagiarism tester that also provides a results report. The reason for this is that they can prove to teachers that their assignments are plagiarism-free. 

Plagiarism detector for students is quite available on the internet and is in widespread use. The selection of a plagiarism checker for students is generally made through social media or word of mouth or on teacher’s instructions.


Universities, colleges, and students will continue to find new ways to prevent plagiarism. Students who are prone to finding shortcuts will attempt to cheat. In avoiding plagiarism detection, they will change sentences, words, rephrasing, and use synonyms. On the flipside plagiarism, checkers are getting smarter and trap these attempts of plagiarizing also.

The best way is not to plagiarize, you can plagiarize and get away with an assignment, but you can’t cheat through life. Anyone who is involved in the business of writing as a profession or as a hobby should use a plagiarism checker before submitting their work.