Tips to Spot Plagiarism

Spot English Writing Mistakes? A Job Trickier Than Detecting Plagiarism

As we all know that writing is a difficult and challenging task, especially if you have to write about a similar topic repeatedly. People start getting bored, and may not pay proper attention, which results in content full of errors. Even many professional writers face this situation once in a while. Many new writers who want to join the writing profession are unable to do so because of the fear of mistakes. 

You might have the idea that writing content in the English language is a real challenge for many people, particularly for the non-natives of English. To avoid any embarrassment, they usually plagiarize some content or try to take help from data spinner tools. Both of the acts are cheating and a breach of the ethical norms of writing. 

However, I admit that it is easier to overlook mistakes, or create high-quality English content, especially if the topic is not as per your interest. Spotting the grammatical errors is much harder than detecting plagiarism in content. You can find plagiarism in content by comparing it with other online sources, or you can use any online plagiarism checker that can analyze the material with its massive database and identify any duplication within no time. But, if you want to find the grammatical mistakes, then you either have to find a very good grammar checker (there aren’t many available yet) or read the entire content with utmost attention, which is not the best approach if the content is lengthy. 

Finding grammatical errors in an article can be tedious and hectic, and it will take much of your time and effort. Additionally, you must have a firm grip on grammar and tenses to detect any mistake in the content. It is quite natural and obvious to make mistakes in the content, as we all are humans, and no one is perfect. You might have also heard the famous proverb that mistakes are a sign that you are trying. So, many professional and native writers also make grammatical mistakes in writing. These mistakes can be unintentional or may be due to a lack of knowledge about some grammatical rules and regulations.

So, let’s discuss some of the prevalent grammatical mistakes that many writers mostly make while writing English content.

Inappropriate Use of Could’ve & Should’ve

Many people usually make a mistake while using could’ve or should’ve in a sentence. The primary reason for making mistakes while using these words is their tone, which is similar to a homophone; the inappropriate use of these words in a sentence also causes an error. For example; 


I should have gone to the market, and I could of, if you would’ve done the job.


I should have gone to the market, and I could have if you had done the job.

The words that sound similar to each other but differ in meaning lead many people to make grammatical mistakes. However, a proper concentration and a better understanding of the definition of a word can save you from making such mistakes. 

Improper Use of Me & I

One of the most common causes of grammatical mistakes is the inappropriate use of me and I. Many people have confusion about the fair use of these words, and get an error in their writing due to the inaccurate use of these words. You would also have seen many articles and found this mistake in the writing. People often use the word “me” when they should use “I.” For instance, “Can me come in,” does it sound, right??? Of course, not! The word that should be used in the example is “I” instead of me. 

We have seen various common grammatical mistakes that people usually make in their writing. Now, you may have a question in your mind that is there any easy way to detect grammatical errors in writing instead of reading all the content repeatedly?

Fortunately, the advancement in technology has enabled us to find the grammatical mistakes in our work by using an efficient grammatical mistake checker tool. This tool can help us in detecting the grammatical error in our writing within a few seconds and assist us in making high-quality content. 

An Online Grammar Checker Can Be a Great Help

The massive upgradation in technology has enabled us to perform our duties more efficiently and quickly. Similarly, you can use this digital technology in finding the grammatical errors in your content without any hassle. Many online tools are available online that can assist you in detecting mistakes in your writing and give you the results in the blink of an eye. 

An efficient online tool also provides you the correction facility for your mistakes and provides you with the more suitable options to improve your content. The use of an online grammar checker saves you time and effort. You also don’t have to install any software on your device for this purpose. You can use an online grammar checker anytime, anywhere. 

Final Words

The process of finding grammatical errors is more challenging than detecting plagiarism in content. You need perfect skills and a firm grip on English grammar to find the mistakes in writing. However, the use of an efficient grammar checker can assist you in detecting the errors more quickly. So, it is recommended to use an online tool by to find grammatical mistakes in your writing to save you time and energy.