Proper citation to save from duplication

Proper Citation Saves You from Duplicate Publications

Citing or documenting sources in research papers is indispensable. It helps in giving proper credit to the author’s words or ideas that you have incorporated in your research work. Along with that, proper sources also help people to learn more about the ideas that you have added by referring to the sources. However, the most significant aspect is that proper citation saves you from committing plagiarism.

There’s no academic institute that has room for plagiarism to tolerate. Therefore, before submitting the research papers or any other academic work, there comes a need to cite the sources properly. Plagiarism isn’t just about replicating the words of someone else, but reproducing someone else’s ideas also falls under the umbrella of duplication. For that reason, whenever you are writing a research paper, essay, synopsis, thesis, dissertations, or articles for journals, then you need to be conscious about the content that you’re adding. You will have to cite the sources properly so that there could be no room for an allegation that your work contains plagiarized work.

How to Cite Sources in Academic Writing? 

In the domain of academic writing, you can’t compromise on the content that you are adding. There is a need to develop a strong understanding of the methodology that is linked with the citation of sources. Plagiarism is more than copy-pasting someone else’s words; it is also about when you do not include the sources of the paraphrased information. Even if quotation marks are missing, then the information you have added will also be considered duplicated. Along with that, directly replicating the same words without citing the sources is plagiarism. Therefore, you may face serious repercussions if you’re caught committing plagiarism. For that reason, there comes a need to know how to cite sources in academic writing. 

Citation in academic writing isn’t limited to a certain set of rules. There are different citation styles like MLA, Chicago, and more. However, you would need to build an understanding of their usage. If you’re shortage of time and lack citation knowledge, utilize the online citation generator now!

Inappropriate Citation and Plagiarism 

Students often neglect citation, but there are cases where students cite the sources inappropriately. If the sources that you have cited are irrelevant or inappropriate, then there would be an allegation that you have committed plagiarism. No matter, even if the duplication is unintentional, you will have to bear the consequences. For that reason, it is advised to use citations properly. You can also use an effective plagiarism checker to ensure that your work does not contain any instances of duplication. 

Bottom Line 

Proper citation is necessary and essential; not doing so will make your research paper prone to duplication. Therefore, if you are a university student or a researcher, then you need to learn about citation styles. And Along with that, you can use the plagiarism detector to save yourself from duplication. It is because the plagiarism checker will scrutinize all the instances of duplicate content within seconds. However, in the last analysis, no one will ever tolerate fractions of duplication in the textual content, especially in research work.