Create your Team

Make your organization work under one roof. Take all your employees on board and check for plagiarism, analyze plagiarism reports, and share them with others.

Choose a suitable plan for your team!


Organize Your Account

  • Choose who you want to add to your team. Invite your fellows to check documents for plagiarism. 
  • Each sub-user has their own account and only views their reports. 
  • The admin of the account has the authority to add sub-users and allot queries for plagiarism checking. 

Sub-user invitation

  • An email invitation is sent to those who have been invited. The sub-user must accept the invitation to start using
  • The member can use the credentials he/she obtained while accepting the invitation to log in to their account. 
  • Make sure to reset your password after logging in. 
  • Select your workspace from the profile area and begin using the tool. 
  • A member can be a sub-user of multiple accounts.

Keep a Check on Users

  • The admins can also keep a check on the usage history and number of queries utilized by the sub-users anytime from the admin’s account.
  • The admin has the authority to check the plagiarism-scan reports generated by the members.

Account Billing & Subscription

  • The sub-users won’t have any access to the billing of the account. 
  • The admins are responsible for billing and renewing their respective accounts.
  •  A sub-user can also buy his own account as well.

Check & Save Individual Reports

  • The team members are allowed to download their own plagiarism scan reports.
  • Each member of the team can only check and save their own reports. 
  • No team member can view the scan history of others in the team.

Safe & Secure

  • doesn’t exploit the privacy of any users. 
  • The data contained in teams’ accounts aren’t kept in the personal directory of this platform.
  •  It also doesn’t share the users’ data with any third party.

Is there a Limit on How Many Members Can Be Invited?

Yes! There’s a limitation on the number of members who can be invited into a single account. offers multiple plans, and each plan allows the users to add a different number of members. You can check the user seats available with each plan here.

Is it Possible to Purchase More Words?

Yes! It is possible to purchase more words. The account admins can click on the Add-on tab and select the number of words that they are willing to purchase. After the payment is processed, the additional words will be added to your account, which you can allot to the team members as per your desire.