Publish or Perish: A Major Cause of Self Plagiarism

Writing needs significant attention and time to create content that can impress readers. If a person is going through writers’ block and is forced to provide content, then there would be two possibilities. Either the quality of the content would be compromised, or the writer would have no other option rather than copying text from his/her previously published content.

Both of these resultants will damage the writer’s credibility; also, it’ll affect the ranking of the website. But, questions may arise here that copying your own published content into a new post is still considered plagiarism? Will it be harmful like any other type of plagiarism?

Well, in this article, we will try to give answers to these questions and provide you with an ample amount of information about self-plagiarism and how it can be avoided.

Self-Plagiarism: A Brief Introduction

The re-use of text that has already been published and present it as fresh content is known as self-plagiarism. This may include an entire article, or a portion of a content, or even recycling your own data.

Self-plagiarism is still an unethical activity, just like other duplication types, as the writer delivers the content as newly created and unique content. So, it is also essential to understand here that the consequences of self-plagiarism are similar to other forms of plagiarism.

Excessive Demand leads to Duplication

If you are a writer, you may have an idea that it becomes challenging to fulfill the requirement of large content in a limited time. Also, the boss’s unnecessary pressure and the quality he demands may direct a writer to move towards something that can solve these issues. Most of the writers usually end up duplicating their own published content and re-use it in their new content. This may save them for a short span, but if we dig deep, this act can destroy the career of the writer.

If the writers are caught against plagiarism, they may get fired from the job, or a label of “Cheater” may walk with them for the rest of their lives.

How to Avoid It?

Plagiarism is a serious offense that can lead you to face severe consequences. That’s why it becomes inevitable to prevent it and try to create unique and fresh content. The first thing that you can do to avoid self-plagiarism is to have a discussion with your supervisor. Explain the issues that you are facing and how short time may affect the quality of the content.

If you are a content manager, it also fits on you to give your writers appropriate time to provide you with great content. Plagiarized or bad content will provide you nothing but harmful effects that can destroy your site’s fame.

Use of an Online Plagiarism checker

The assistance from an online utility may give you a chance to reduce your burden and accomplish the task in a short time. This digital world has provided us with a range of facilities that can help us in doing our tasks appropriately and complete them timely. An online plagiarism checker is one of them; you can utilize this utility to catch any form of duplication from writing. This online facility enables you to find similarities in content without installing any application on your device.

The internet has a number of online plagiarism tools that might be helpful for you to detect plagiarized content. You can get both paid and free utilities on the internet, and it’s up to you to pick one for yourself as per your requirements. The one available on is one of the best facilities that offer premium plagiarism detection service to its users. You can find a plethora of other online tools that can assist you in managing your website effectively.

Last Words

The excessive need for content and unnecessary pressure from the employer may lead a writer to go towards duplicating his own published article. However, the results of committing this act might be disastrous. The information discussed in this blog may help you in understanding the consequences that you may have to face due to self-plagiarism. You can follow the tips provided above to eliminate the instances of plagiarism and save yourself from this nuisance.