Identifying & Preventing Plagiarism in Online Assessments

Identifying & Preventing Plagiarism in Online Assessments

Plagiarism refers to stealing information or content from a source and presenting it without giving credit. The easy access to the web made it a facile task for people to copy/paste content and submit it as their own effort. It also occurs when students share their work with their mates. Students already have easy access to digital devices and web portals in the online learning method, so the temptation to plagiarize may increase.

We all know that the world is going through one of the most crucial times due to the pandemic. The persistent circumstances lead people to manage all their professional tasks from home. Similarly, the entire education system has also been digitized, where students are instructed to take classes and submit assignments online. Additionally, the exams are held over the web using advanced monitoring systems. Instead, a severe issue that most teachers experience with online learning is plagiarized content in students’ submitted work. Students access the web portals, copy the relevant information, and submit it as their own creation.

Therefore, we find it essential to address this issue and give some suggestions that can assist educators in uncovering the duplication in their students’ assignments. This blog covers a few tips that allow teachers to identify and prevent plagiarism in online learning. So, stick to the article till the end for a better understanding. 

Tips to Prevent Plagiarism

The teachers should educate the students on the consequences of plagiarism and how it can be harmful to their academics and career. Preventing this unethical act of copying others’ work at the root level will help in controlling this crime. The following tips will be helpful in preventing plagiarism

 Adequate Citation

The simple way of plagiarism prevention is to guide your students on the accurate way to cite a source. Your students must be familiar with the correct citation rules and have knowledge about the major citation standards. For instance, if your students require using the Chicago format, you must review how to perform proper Chicago citation and design the citation page. Providing your students with the helping links that assist them with inaccurate citations can be an excellent approach to solving the issue. Also, refer tool to add citations to their papers.

Set a Plagiarism Policy

It is inevitable for an institute to introduce a plagiarism policy for all its students. The instructors should also post the policy in their online classroom at the beginning of the session and ask students to go through it comprehensively. This approach will ensure that the students are aware of the plagiarism policy, and it may lessen disagreements in the future. Adding up the crucial points on the assignment sheet will work as a reminder for the students.

Identify Duplication in Content

While reading the submitted work of your students, you may feel that the content is something that the student would write and count it as a red flag. Moreover, if you go through a text that seems different from the rest of the writing in formatting, grammatical structure, or tone, then it would be simple to understand that it’s plagiarized.

Furthermore, the development in tech has given us some handy and reliable utilities that can assist us in performing our tasks effectively. A plagiarism checker is one of these facilities that you can easily find online to catch duplication in an article.

Use of Online Plagiarism Checker

The simple way of catching plagiarized text in content is the use of an advanced similarity check. The internet has tons of tools that offer free plagiarism checks without requiring any hard steps to follow. The online plagiarism checker identifies piracy in writing without needing any installation. Also, you can get the source from which the copied content was taken. The primary reason for recommending an online similarity finder is that you don’t need to make the struggle to find plagiarism at all. You will get accurate results within a few minutes after uploading a text on the plagiarism checker.

Bottom Line

Plagiarism in academics is an intolerable offense that can lead a student to face severe consequences like failing a subject or even expulsion from college. The above-written information can work as a guide for people to identify and prevent plagiarism in online learning. The discussed tool will also be a great aid in catching plagiarism in students’ submitted work without making manual efforts. It is suggested to try the free plagiarism checker available on for adding citations, fast and reliable results.