How Does Our Online Plagiarism checker Work?

There are so many plagiarism checker solutions offered on the internet, that deciding which one to use can get quite confusing. Some of the online duplichecker checker available on the internet are free, some you have to pay for, and for others, you need to register. is a very comprehensive, plagiarism checker solution It does thorough plagiarism checking and provides a detailed report of the results.

How does Plagiarism checker Work?

Enter in the search browser bar of the search engine you are using. When the site opens, you will see the Plagiarism checker logo on the top left of the screen.

The navigation bar has Home, Plans, FAQs, Sign in, Sign up, and a language selection drop-down box (Default is EN = English).

You can use the tool with signing up as it allows free trial. However, the free trials have a 500-word limit, and only limited queries are available.

The pricing and plans offered are:

  • Basic
  • Business
  • Enterprise
  • Corporate
  • Exclusive

You can review the plans offered and sign-up for the plan that suits your requirements. The Corporate and Exclusive plan does an in-depth search.

Plagiarism Checking

Below the navigation bar, a blank textbox will be displayed. You can copy/paste text in the textbox. Below the textbox area, a character count and word count will be displayed. Click on the “Check Plagiarism” button to show a pop-up, you can get a trial or buy a plan after creating an account then show results dropdown.

You can exclude a URL that you don’t want the plagiarism detector to check for duplication. If you are a writer and have written similar content, which is already uploaded on a website, you might want the plagiarism detector to leave out that URL.

The Plagiarism checker may take a while in doing the checking. This time-lapse can be caused due to two reasons: slow internet speed or many web pages containing similar content.

On the first pass, the Plagiarism checker checks spelling and grammar errors. After doing the spelling and grammar check, each sentence is reviewed, whether it is unique or plagiarized.

It will display a plagiarism percentage in red. The unique percentage is displayed in green. While it is detecting plagiarism, a bar in green will be displayed from left to right and will show the percentage of checking completed. Once plagiarism checking is completed, it will show 100 percent.

Now you can scroll down through the results sheet. In the first column, ‘Grammar and Spelling Status’ is displayed. You can see the spelling and grammar mistakes count. If you choose to click on ‘Show Details’ and it will display the errors underlined in red and green in the text box. After looking at the mistakes, it’s up to you whether you want to rectify the errors or not.

In the next column, ‘Basic Word Count Statistics’ is displayed. In the rows of the column Words, Characters (Including spaces), and Characters (Excluding spaces) is displayed. The next column has ‘Estimated Reading Time’ and ‘Estimated Speaking time’ displayed.

Next, you can also ‘Generate Plagiarism Report.’ When you click on it, a dialogue box opens, in which you can enter a report title and press ‘Submit.’

In the box of the rightmost column, ‘Keywords to Total Words Ratio’ is displayed as a percentage. Below that, ‘Keyword Density’ is displayed. This has three options; one word, two words, and three words. This amazing online plagiarism checker selects the keywords automatically and shows their density in percentage.

In the next display box, ‘Extra Word Count Statistics’ is displayed, as shown below:

  • Syllables
  • Sentences
  • Unique Word (percentage display)
  • Average Word Length (characters)
  • Average Sentence Length (word)
  • Syllables Per Word
  • Paragraphs
  • Difficult Word

The next display box shows ‘Length Statistics’ which presents;

  • Short Words (less than 3 characters)
  • Long Words (greater than 7 characters)

In the next box below, ‘Longest Sentence (by Number of Characters)’ is displayed. In the last box‘ Longest Word (by Number of Characters)’ is shown.

In the left column of the result sheet, each sentence is displayed in a row, and if it’s ‘Unique’ it’s displayed in green. Plagiarized sentences are displayed in red and have a ‘Compare’ option. When you press the ‘Compare’ button, a new tab opens, which shows the URL of the sentence or part of the sentence that is flagged as plagiarized.

The Bottom Line

Plagiarism checker offers one of the most comprehensive online Plagiarism checker solutions that you can find on the internet. It not only shows you the plagiarized content and plagiarism statistics; it also provides a detailed result sheet. Plus, you can generate a report, in case you need to show that you did do a plagiarism check on your work before submitting it.