Content Writing Ingredients for Better SEO

Content Writing Ingredients for Better SEO

Search engine optimization and content on your website or blog go hand in hand, and this is not a new secret. There is no use of writing a new content without proper SEO of it, and if you are not optimizing your content in the best way, then you should know that there is always a possibility that your content can be lost on the 60th page of the search results shown by the search engine. Now if you want to see your content on the first page and on the top shelves, then it is important that you follow these tips that will help you in better SEO!

Write for your Audience

One of the common mistakes/errors that we see nowadays is that writers focus on promotions instead of content that is expected by the audience on the web. It is true that if you want to make money, then you have to write for promoting different products and services but at the same time, you should know that the promotion should never cross two to three per cent of the total content. The majority of the content you are writing should be well-researched and should only be for your audience.

Post from the Same Roof

Now another important tip for you guys is that you have to keep all of your content under the same roof. We have seen many starters making different domain addresses and pages for posting a series of content. No matter you are starting your own blog, service or website content, you should simply place it all under a single parent domain. You can add further extensions for your content, but the main roof of all the content should be the same. It will help you in gaining more trust from the audience on the web, which is indirectly a positive seo sign!

Use Headlines and Subheadings

Now another important tip for our readers is that you should always make sure that you are writing content with headings and subheadings. You must know that writing content without heading is not good for you, especially in the beginning, as readers would not be interested in it. Readers or audiences on the web will only be attracted to your content if you are using headings that pack a punch and engage them to the very last word. You have to gather the interest of the audience, and this is what content writing is all about!

Use Keywords and Rich Phrases

If you are writing high-quality content with no plagiarism and are simply not using any kind of keywords and phrases, then you should know that your content would not be indexed at any cost. You should always use a bunch of keywords and phrases that are relative to your article if you want to improve the seo of your content. You can use different keyword research and rank checker tools available on the web to make sure that you use the right words to the target audience!

Structure your Article

An unstructured article is not good for the audience and will immediately get rejected. If you want to get to the first shelves and on the first page of results, then you should focus on formal and well-structured content. Before writing, it is important that you set a proper outline which you have to follow to make your content more presentable and expressive. You should also know that you have to focus on expressing the main idea behind the title and not only in a few sentences, but it should be spread over from the first to last line in the content!

Use Images in your Content

Using images in your content is very crucial, if you go through different search results on the web, then you would surely see that the top ones are the ones who are having corporate images in them. You should know that the more relative and attractive images you add in your content, the more interesting would it get for the audience. You can use the various image finder or reverse image search tools to get the finest images for your work.

Use Paraphrasing Tools

Now you might have heard about paraphrasing tools on the web. Paraphrasing tool is the one that can help you in creating new content based on a published article from the internet. You can simply take inspiration from the creation of quality paraphrasing tools and can also use them if you are behind deadlines and want to create a bunch of articles on short notice. One of the best paraphrasing tools on the web belongs to, and you can use thistool for free!