ChatGPT The Viral AI Chatbot

ChatGPT: The Viral AI Chatbot Everyone’s Talking About

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way we perform our tasks. Its introduction has brought betterment in many industries. Take the example of the healthcare industry. AI has proven itself as a blessing in the field. Subsets of this advanced technology, such as computer visionmachine learning, and natural language processing, have made it easier for medical and paramedical staff to deal with the serious conditions of patients. Additionally, AI has made the prescription to treat serious diseases easier for medical professionals by understanding and analyzing various patterns.

The role of AI is not limited to a few industries. From construction to automobiles and automated manufacturing to IT, it is making its mark everywhere. Tasks deemed impossible a few years earlier are now pretty much possible, thanks to AI. The recent breakthrough made possible through the smart use of AI is ChatGPT. We are talking about the viral AI chatbot, which has become essential to almost every professional’s discussion.

You will find social media filled with posts and polls in favor of or against this famous chatbot. The founding company of this chatbot initially developed it as a chatbot that could help ecommerce vendors and other businesses that deal with people 24/7, such as banking and insurance, to guide customers easily. However, considering its potential, it won’t be wrong to say it can do much more. This blog will discuss the expectation of people from it and its usability for the essay writing task. Additionally, we will outline the future of ChatGPT. Further details are given below:

Expectations from ChatGPT

Expectations from ChatGPT

Since the introduction of this advanced AI-backed chatbot, it has become a hot topic. Especially in the IT niche, it is discussed as viral news, which is getting the attention of every IT professional. In addition to IT professionals, many other fields are also watching for what it offers. 

Rumors and gossips are all around because of ChatGPT, and expectations from this chatbot are touching the skies. Many software companies have already started researching and working on products that can use ChatGPT to make the life of common users easier. 

Google has also announced its efforts regarding the release of its own chatbot that would compete with ChatGPT. While all pieces of news are coming around, it is necessary to understand what people think about it. 

It is worth mentioning that according to the chatbot itself, it is an AI language model that tends to understand human language and respond according to the best of its knowledge.

It tries to perform a task or answer a question according to the prompts given by a user. We will discuss the expectations rumored around regarding ChatGPT and its ability in a few niches. Read on to learn more.


Programmers are considered the pioneers of the IT industry who are directly involved in developing websites, apps, and tools to help common users purchase things online and do various tasks.

 Additionally, the games we play on our smartphones, computer systems, and gaming consoles also require effort from programmers or developers. 

However, ChatGPT, which has recently become the center of discussion, can write various programs in seconds. Hence, making it easier for common people to do programming themselves. However, it is worth understanding that it is still not able to match pioneers of programming as it is still in beta mode.


Many people encounter problems while translating content from one language to another. They often require help from 3rd party to do it properly. This issue generally occurs with people translate content from their native language to a second language.

ChatGPT, an AI language model, can understand various human languages. Considering its capability, it is also possible to translate content written from one language to another.

However, it should be noted that it is a machine-based translator, which is still in the learning phase. Therefore, its translation will not be as perfect as a professional human translator. It is likely to misunderstand the content’s slang, jargon, nuances, and context, leading to inaccurate translation and vague content.

Dealing with Common Users through Chat

The main objective behind the creation of ChatGPT was to make it easier to deal with common people for businesses that offer 24/7 consumer-handling responses. It responds well and gives sufficient answers to people. 

However, consumers often need someone from the dealer’s side to understand their sentiments and act accordingly. Even though AI has become quite advanced, emotions are where it is pretty much behind the human mind. 

ChatGPT is an AI-based chatbot, so it may fail to understand consumers’ sentiments and respond accordingly. Even though chances are quite minimal, the failure of ChatGPT to provide users with the required information is possible.

Accounting and Mathematics

This AI-based chatbot has been trained enough to understand mathematics, statistics, and accountancy. Therefore, it can be used to solve mathematical and statistical problems and know basic accountancy rules. However, there is pretty much time to consider it as a go-to solution to teach mathematics or statistics.  


Many people think ChatGPT, an AI language model can easily write content on any topic. In some cases, the aforementioned expectation stands true, but it is still not capable of replacing human writers with ChatGPT. It was not invented for this purpose. 

It can help people write quality content, but using it to write content from scratch is a false approach. It will use previously published content to gain knowledge and write content accordingly. This process may lead to the inclusion of vague sentences and plagiarism. Moreover, it lacks creativity, a natural property of the human brain. AI is still incapable of being creative and writing content independently. 

Is ChatGPT Capable of Writing Essays?

Most people think that ChatGPT is capable of writing essays. They say it because it can perform research regarding a given topic and articulates content accordingly. However, they often forget that an essay is a collection of various elements. These elements are the thesis statement, introduction, body, and conclusion. In our opinion, chances are that you may come across various shortcomings while instructing this AI-based chatbot to write an essay on any topic. 

There are certainly some advantages to using it, but more shortcomings will affect the purpose and quality of an essay. Therefore, we will discuss the advantages and shortcomings of writing an essay through ChatGPT to help you decide whether to use it for the said purpose. Further details are given below:


Here are some apparent advantages of using ChatGPT for the essay writing process. 

  • It can articulate an essay by requiring a few prompts from the user.
  • The user (generally a student) won’t need to put time and effort into the research process.
  • It can perform research and outline various subtopics and write content accordingly.
  • Its writing ability is much better than other NLP (Natural Language Processing) tools.
  • It can write thought-provoking sentences.
  • It can be used to write an essay on any topic, from literature to litigation.


While there are advantages of using ChatGPT as an essay writer, there are also shortcomings. We will outline them here and let you decide whether it is better to use them for essay writing.

  • ChatGPT may fail to develop a solid thesis statement, essential in an essay.
  • ChatGPT can’t incorporate an opinion based on the body of an essay like human writers.
  • It is already filled with built-in biases.
  • You must provide highly detailed instructions to make it work on a task like writing an essay.
  • Its database only features data till 2021, so providing fresh stats in an essay won’t be possible.
  • It uses content in its database to write an essay that may lead to plagiarism.
  • Using a reliable plagiarism checker is a must if you want to ensure uniqueness in the essay.
  • Using ChatGPT for essay writing will affect research skills and productivity.
  • Citations won’t be available.
  • Writing an essay through ChatGPT will be considered cheating.

Our Opinion about Essay Writing Through ChatGPT 

Although there is no need to mention our opinion separately considering the advantages and shortcomings, it is reasonable to say that ChatGPT isn’t advanced enough to write an essay yet. Moreover, even when you are writing yourself, there is a chance of duplication, and you need to use a reliable plagiarism checker to determine plagiarized patches. The use of ChatGPT that takes help from the data fed to it means it is pretty likely to include duplicate content in the form of patchwriting. Hence, share your recommendation about the usage of ChatGPT for essay-writing purposes. 

The Future of ChatGPT

Even though AI has seen a lot of advancements, it is still not at its peak; the same is the case with ChatGPT. It is considered a breakthrough in information technology, but some shortcomings remain. Moreover, this AI language model is still in its beta mode. Some professions may feel the threat of getting replaced by ChatGPT. However, it is still a far-fetched thought to say anything like that. It will be mainly used for 3 purposes in the future. The purposes it will serve in the coming days are enterprise support, customer interaction, and product development. Replacing human writers with it is still impossible, and we are not even seeing it in the future.