Challenges Students Face Regarding Plagiarism in Their Studies

Challenges Students Face Regarding Plagiarism in Their Studies

Academic writing might seem easy, but it demands a lot of hard work, time, and effort from the students to complete the assignments and research papers. The easy accessibility of the internet has given relief to the students, as they can gain information about anything over the web. But, it has taken many of them in a different direction and given rise to plagiarism. There are still many people, who are unaware of the term plagiarism and its negative consequences. It’s essential for the people involved in writing tasks to get fully acknowledged about plagiarism and learn to fight against it.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the act of stealing another person’s intellectual property and presenting it as your own. In academic writing, if you’re using someone else’s words without giving proper citations or quotations, then your work will be considered plagiarized, and you will have to face penalties. There are many challenges students have to face regarding plagiarism in their studies. Here, in this blog, we will let you know about the challenges you might face in your academics due to plagiarism. So, let’s get started!


What’s worse than getting into a situation where you can’t make eye contact even with your fellows? That’s where plagiarism can lead you to, and it’s one of the most serious challenges students could face. If plagiarism has been detected from your assignment and the word has spread out among the other students, you’ll surely get embarrassed in front of them. They would not be willing to make you part of the group projects, as they might think that the plagiarist can negatively impact their grades. The professor or lecturer might forgive you for plagiarism once or twice, but the embarrassment in front of your fellows will be inevitable. Make a regular habit to check your assignments before submission with a plagiarism checker and then submit them with confidence.

Grade Penalties

Presentations, assignments, and research work carries great weightage in academics, and your hard work in these is reflected in the final grades. Without participating in the group projects or submitting assignments on time, you can’t aim for a good GPA. What’s more important is that your work should be unique and free from duplication if you really want to score a good grade. 

If there are signs of duplication in any of your writing, all of your hard work for the term or semester will go in vain. It’s because the plagiarized work won’t be rewarded with any grade and this grade penalty will not only affect the current semester’s GPA, but your overall CGPA will also get disturbed due to an unexpected decline.

Suspension from Institute

The penalties of plagiarism vary from university to university, and it depends upon your institute’s policy on plagiarism that how they deal with students who plagiarize. The institutes with strict policies might not let go of the slightest incident of plagiarism. Getting suspended for the rest of the semester is one of the most daunting challenges you could face due to plagiarism. That’s why it is recommended for students to check plagiarism from a well-known plagiarism checker. The suspension will waste an ample amount of time of students who plagiarize as they will have to repeat the term. This will push them way behind their fellows as they’ll still be stuck in the university when the rest of the class graduated.

Impacts your Future

While applying for a job, one of the major things you’ll need is a clean disciplinary history. A person who has just graduated doesn’t have any experience, and companies judge fresh candidates on the basis of their academic performance and reputation. You might have to get the letters of recommendation from your professors and instructors to create an impact on the employer, but due to the plagiarism charges, they might not be willing to recommend you as the deserving candidate. Moreover, if you’re aiming to start a master’s degree, the chances of getting a scholarship will be equal to none just because of plagiarism. So must check plagiarism of your documents to avoid any inconveniences.

The Bottom Line

These are the challenges that plagiarism can make students face in their academic life. You can see that plagiarism’s side effects don’t end even after you’re graduated, as companies and institutes might question your ethics and integrity. Hence, it’s essential to learn the tips that can help you bypass plagiarism. Besides learning the tips, you should get your hands on a plagiarism checker that can deeply analyze your text and identify plagiarism instances. The technology is moving towards betterment day by day, and students should make full use of it to avoid the challenges brought by plagiarism. The best plagiarism checker gives you accurate results and you don’t need to install any heavy software on your system.