Presenting Batch Search Technology in Plagiarismchecker. co is here to present you with top-notch features for checking duplication that you might not find in any other plagiarism checker available over the web. Content has become the need for every business operating in this digital environment. Therefore, it’s essential to come up with content that’s not only of high quality but should be free of any sort of duplication. Quality and originality are the two elements that would help you make sure that you’re providing something valuable to users. Besides businesses, producing original text is also essential for the students who have to submit assignments, thesis, research papers, etc., in their educational institutes. has incorporated the Batch Search Technology in its advanced plagiarism checker. The batch search technology is a feature that allows users to check lengthy documents without any restriction. If a user uploads a file containing around 30,000 words in our plagiarism checker, he/she doesn’t have to keep sitting idle till the process is complete and generates results. After entering the text, there’s no need to waste your time and stay on the website. You can close the window and come back later whenever you want to see the results. The tool will process your file and save the results for viewing later. That’s what batch search technology is all about!

Importance of Plagiarism Checker with Batch Search Technology

A plagiarism checker with batch search technology is a must-have tool for people who have to check content in bulk. This feature’s importance is inevitable, and the main benefits you can enjoy with it are discussed below.

It Doesn’t Require an Internet Connection.

Many times, our internet connection isn’t stable, and if the connection is lost while using an online tool, all the changes or processes would be reversed. Hence, you’ll have to reinvest the time that has been spent previously. The users have to face this issue with almost every online plagiarism checking service, as they lack the batch search feature.

The people who wish to overcome this nuisance must start using a duplicate checker, which features batch search technology. This technology will keep processing your file even if the connection is lost or the window is closed.

It isn’t Time-Consuming.

People who have lengthy documents or reports might have to spend an ample amount of time identifying the duplication in their text. A duplicate content checker is a kind of tool that conducts the duplication search on its own and doesn’t require any human intervention.

Therefore, it would be a waste of time if you don’t opt to use a plagiarism checker with batch search technology. On this tool, you will just have to upload your file and click the check button. As soon as the processing has commenced, you can close the tab and do other work while the tool will not stop its process in the backend.

It Helps You in Saving Resources

If your device’s battery is about to run out and you don’t have access to the power supply, or if you have a limited broadband package, then a plagiarism checker with batch search technology is what you need. You don’t need to keep your device turned on and connected to the internet for checking duplication due to this incredible feature. The tools without this feature consume a lot more resources than the tools based on this technology.

Batch Search Technology: A Distinctive Pro Feature is offering the batch search feature in two of its plans, which are Corporate and Exclusive. This feature makes this tool distinctive from the other premium plagiarism checker available on the web. The pricing of these plans incorporated with this feature is unmatchable, as no other platform is offering this much affordability.

In the corporate plan, the users are allowed to scan documents of 10,000 words each. On the other hand, the Exclusive plan allows you to detect plagiarism from a file consisting of 30,000 words in a single click.  We are offering a variety of plans, so a user can choose according to their need.

That’s it!

This is all about the batch search technology being offered by If you are willing to enjoy this feature, then get any of the plans discussed above and start using the duplicate checker.